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RT @ItsTal_: Arab men are the best but y'all choose toxic ones. Both Arabs and Berbers are extremely proud of their culture and heritage and like to emphasize it.

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. Even if you haven’t tried to give them extra attention, some. . Why Arabs are so Easily Offended. 1. tv/ma. The term ‘toxic masculinity’ is increasingly used to describe cultural masculine norms that are harmful to the men themselves and society in general.

Jan 18, 2017 · Renegade Editor’s Note: Have you ever noticed how these programs never seem to point to the “toxic masculinity” of Mestizo gang members, Arab and African rapefugees, black gangsters, or any other “minority” group? It’s only the strength and virility of White men, already in a sorry state, which must be attacked and deconstructed.

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A recent report by UN Women estimates that at least 37% of women in Arab countries have.

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Source: Twitter/Tmoseba.

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Some of our (arabs) actions can be harsh/illogical/SO wrong but trust me, it has nothing to do with Islam.

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