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Webpack img src not working

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It is generating a corrupted file and using src as that file, in img tag.

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config. This is because it doesn't know the path at compile time if the path is stored in a variable. Webpack file-loader not working for images. Eg, createElement for container, createElementNS for SVGs, etc. JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, SASS, images - it doesn't matter to WebPack. WebPack calls itself a "Module Bundler". .

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You have to import/require your image in your entry js file and that image will be processed and added to your output directory and the Logo variable will contain the url of that image after processing.

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js', path: path.

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mkdir webpack-tutorial cd webpack-tutorial npm init -y # creates a default package.

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js file, define your routes using the VueRouter constructor.

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